Create a Sales Revenue Growth Model that gets Consistent Revenue Generation for your business every month…

…without relying on individual effort, economic cycles or trickery …

Welcome future client,

I have no idea who you are, what you do, or what you specifically want. Yet!

But I do know this for certain: with the help of a Revenue Generation Strategist, you can create a Sales Revenue Growth Model that, when executed, gets high quality new clients approaching your business, money ready, hoping that they can afford whatever it is you have … and even before they know the details of what it is that you are selling.

The reason I know this is true is I, along with our Revenue Architects have been responsible for helping many business owners succeed, in several countries, 3 continents, and with 93 different business and industry types. Some of their phenomenal success stories are on this web site … please take time to review how they used our expertise and revenue generating concepts and systems to achieve their success.

The sad truth is that 69% of new businesses fail to survive beyond the 6th year and the consequences of that disastrous fact is people who feel ground down and worn out … disappointed and frustrated that all of their hard work came to … nothing.

And it’s not just the owners of these businesses who suffer … their lack of success impacts their family and the families of their employees and suppliers … the ripple effects of these failures are incalculable.

Also, for many of those businesses who survive into their 10th or 20th or even 30th year, they do just that: survive – getting by on little more than wages … working long, working hard but with little quality of life because they have very little time or wealth freedom.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

It took me more than16 years and 5 business start-ups before I figured out how to turn it all around … now I have the foundational concepts that will literally work for any business in any part of the world and it can work for yours too.

The reason that this can work for you is summed up in three words: Strategy, Systems and Sequence.

Almost all business owners, consultants and coaches fail to understand this critical point: strategy must be formulated prior to tactics being implemented. Systems must be in place to automate as many tactics as possible. Then, these must be done in the right sequence.

Business Growth has to begin with “Strategy”.

By that I mean a Sales Revenue Growth Model that at the very least clearly identifies …

  • What you want your business to look like – what we call your Ideal Business Criteria … including the work that you personally want to do more of and the work you DON’T want to do, the free time you want, the amount of money you want to make and exactly how you want to make it.
  • A Specific Unmet Need (SUN) that exists in your market place that you can, with integrity, exploit for maximum profit gain.
  • The “Uniqueness” that you’ll create – a product/service that is so different and better that you will virtually eliminate all direct competitors.
  • The automated and semi-automated multiple lead generation processes that you’ll create to ensure your profit growth, potentially for decades to come.
  • The specific lead conversion process that you will create for converting leads into paying clients who stay for years and even decades
  • How you will scale value delivery to clients well beyond the limitations of your available time to clients so that you can help more people and make more money at the same time
  • Which distribution networks that you will tap into so that as you can create an unprecedented demand for your products/services

Do these sound like the sort of outcomes that you want?


If so then read on to discover a simple, step by step system to create the business of your dreams.

Once you have your strategy figured out THEN, and only then, is it relevant to begin work on tactical issues such as who, what, where, when and how much.

Failure to develop a winning strategy is like expecting a cart to move all on it’s own without a horse to pull it.

And failure to put strategy first, before tactics, is like putting the cart before the horse and wondering why it ain’t moving!

By following the simple, step by step process that BestFit Solutions reveals you’ll create a Sales Revenue Growth Model that drives quality new clients flowing into your business on a regular basis and it will also free up your time … dramatically.

These will give you both the money and the free time to create a truly fabulous life for you and your family. Plus it will allow you to help a lot more of your clients.

Everyone wins when your business does well: you win, your family is better off, you have more clients who are happier and stay longer plus your employees and/or suppliers and their families are also better off.

Your business can do more than just survive, it will thrive, and with the right plan (with help from our business coaching), we can build it into a fortune, which you can then sell outright, or keep as a consistent revenue generating “cash cow”.