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A Business Consulting firm, BestFit Solutions, helps small businesses make more profit through increased sales, using Marketing, SEO, Copywriting, Sales, and CRM to create true business intelligence.

Sales leads fuel your small business. Effective use of CRM leverages market research combined with great copywriting and SEO services helps to capture prospects’ interest and bring you orders. Linking Internet Marketing with your CRM system further explodes your growth.

We make it easy for the small business to increase sales. We provide:

Business Consulting for Small Businesses

  • No-nonsense business management techniques which maximize small business revenue
  • Helping you annihilate your competition


  • Writing that sells for you
  • SEO writing that sells for you and attracts search engine attention

Small Business CRM and Business Automation

  • Effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Improved sales processes

SEO Services (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Regular website optimization to increase quality sales leads
  • Analytics and evaluation to know what works-what does not

Small Business Marketing

  • Carving out your marketing niche and dominating it
  • Lead generation targeted to your Ideal Prospects

Sales Consulting

  • Tools and methods to leverage your sales talent
  • Sales force automation

Consulting for Small Businesses

A Business Strategy ensures you know where you are going

Whether you are an entrepreneur, starting a business, or have an established company, our business consultants can help you to wring more from your business. For that important presentation to a large prospect or potential investor, we can help you to write a business plan or walk you through a business analysis.

Do you want to improve parts of
your business process, or develop a new business strategy? We have the knowledge to guide you through the difficult sections. Would you like to mine business intelligence from the gold of your every day transactions, or gather information to justify a new business loan?

We know what to do. You get to rent our experience. Business management help doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to pay its way. You might consider it business coaching,
without the motivational piece. 

Small businesses don’t often think about using consultants for two reasons:
  1. They think they are only for big businesses.
  2. They don’t know where to find a good small business consulting firm.
A business consultant is the right answer, for a large or small business if they get you results which pay for their services multiple times over.

While there are many large business consulting firms, BestFit Solutions specializes in consulting for small businesses. We have services in marketing, CRM, sales, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and general
Business Consulting.

You, the small business, have different needs than an enterprise sized company. Your business plans demand practical solutions which can deliver fast results. 

That’s what we do. 

We have over the years assembled no-nonsense business management techniques and business software which fit the small business, both in use and in budget. If we don’t see how we can help you earn much more than we charge, we’ll tell you. A happy, profitable, client is our best referral.

Small Business Ideas for success

Small Business CRM and Business Automation

We help small businesses turn CRM (Contact Relationship Management) into superior Customer Relationship Management. You can be ahead of the competition only if customers think your service puts you there.

You have to earn customer loyalty.

If you want a consistent advantage over your competition you need a CRM strategy, meaning how you can deliver better service – every time. That takes more than just
CRM Software. We can help you study your business process, and sequence it for faster execution. Then we tie your processes into the CRM Software, and train your people how to use it.

A CRM system, properly integrated with your processes speeds up internal and external communications. As a result, your customer service can shine. Your help desk can . . . well, help. Sales correspondence can look more professional and move faster. Ask our CRM consultants what other parts of your small business can surge ahead of the competition by using an effective CRM solution.

SEO Services

(Search Engine Optimization) Today, all businesses, even small businesses need an SEO consultant. Because search engines change their search algorithms daily, your web marketing and lead generation are constantly at risk. The “Push” of email marketing doesn’t work as well as it used to. So, the “Pull” of website SEO is your best bet to increase business.

One of our most popular SEO services today is rewriting your website content to improve your “Findability.” Where website performance is critical to the success of your business, you may want to consider changes in website design, development of alternate sites, and copy writing. We can also make search engine optimization suggestions to your website manager and search engine submission services to increase traffic to your website.

Small Business Marketing 

You and your team are the keys to your business health. Your strengths and ability to innovate will determine what marketing strategy you can use. Our marketing consultants can select from an array of marketing tools to find the most effective ones which match your capabilities.

We have a wide variety of marketing tactics, such as:
  • advertising,
  • marketing articles
  • press releases
  • direct mail marketing or
  • website marketing
that we might use to reach your prospects.

Which ones are appropriate, depends on your situation. Using a marketing consultant can be a bit like ordering from an À la carte menu. Order only what you want.

Marketing consulting has been the difference between good profits, or closing the doors, for many a small business. When the reliable answers of yesterday no longer turn your business around, it may be time to look at something else, even marketing consultants.

Sales Consulting

Your sales team is your front line; managing relationships, and closing orders with your customers. Yet, today’s small business generally hasn’t the luxury of a high powered sales staff, nor a sales background to help them out of sales troughs.

BestFit’s sales management consulting services are intended to help you increase sales by using in better ways information you already have; showing you some small business ideas and techniques for getting more orders with sales processes proven to work.

Sales training is one part and an important one, but you will really like our channel management concepts. We have an effective sales process that can turn your sales efforts into a science, not an art. It systematically turns your sales leads, into consistent profit generators. 

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